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We Believe In Transcending All Barriers & Creating Relationships…


Formed in 2010, Synnefo stands dedicated to developing software for ISP Solutions. Ever since its inception, we have helped small, medium and large Internet Service Providers across the globe with comprehensive software solutions and ever-going research that beats the traditional approach.

With an approach towards maximising revenue and minimising technical difficulties, Synnefo is a one-stop solution for all the ISP's and MSO's for managing Broadband as well as CATV.

Synnefo is built by a team having expertise in CRM, ISO Network and System Architect who helps manage ISP Life Cycle. Synnefo manages the whole ecosystem with ease and transparency. Irrespective of geographical barriers, working together for our client's success is our main objective. And this leads towards our dedicated years towards excellence in everything we do.

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We Believe In Transcending All Barriers & Creating Relationships...
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